Our live programs through July have all been cancelled.  However, we are still working, and not only on projects beyond July, but also on exploring brand new events in this new normal.  It’s exciting, because it means working on an empty canvas, and everyone is open to all kinds of ideas.  Also, there is more inclusion on these decisions, which fosters better ideas.

As you might expect, the programs we’re researching and planning revolve around a digital experience, for the most part.  And while I won’t claim that this is the future – as in conferences in the future will mostly be digital – it is easy to see that there will be a permanent space for these type of “gatherings”.  It’s worth mentioning that this medium is not exclusively reserved for workshops and education; we are excited to be part of professional projects that exist purely for entertainment.  Their sole objective is to be fun.

If you’re a planner, producer or anyone who organizes programs for an audience, I urge you to consider doing something fun, something different – maybe even something silly.  I strongly believe it needs to continue to be done professionally, but it can still be silly, basic and, most importantly, genuine.  Audiences are smart, and they can tell when something is a gimmick.  Plan something that is genuinely fun or productive in the eyes of your team.  Do so with a budget in mind, but worry about capitalization or funding in subsequent steps, not at the beginning.  It’s a venture, no doubt about it.  But I like your chances.