Show Building

We help put together a show that is entertaining, informative and seamless by creating schedules, scripting run-of-shows, managing talent and sponsors, building memorable stage moments, and focusing on the functionality of set and stage to fit the artists, presenters, and audience.

Production Management

The team that we put together for each program is critical.  We select and assign personnel and providers to make the best possible show, regardless of size and budget.  The process is truly agnostic, so you’re never stuck with things you don’t need.  Our team will communicate with venues, prepare logistics, manage providers, generate plans and drawings, and provide research and solutions for new ideas.  Additionally, we strive to be efficient every step of the way, to do our part minimizing waste.

Stage Design

We believe in the impact of first impression; in the impact of the shapes and the colors and the branding seen on a live stage, and just as importantly, on a broadcasted or recorded video or image.  Every space receives a custom approach as to which design will produce an instant positive reaction.  Even an ancillary space without a scenic budget receives the same careful consideration.

Immersive Experiences

The attendees are our focus.  We draw from our experience and the site to help generate an environment that is fun and enticing.  Because it is something new and captivating, it is also often informative.  Elevating the image of the brand, then, is not an accidental result.